Find the fastest route to
your destination

Searchable Maps

With our intuitive maps you can quickly find the shortest route to your destination. Get live traffic updates so you can plan your journey ahead of time. It's an excellent way to save time by navigating away from the congestion.

Turn-by-Turn Navigation

Map the route to your destination quickly and easily. The turn-by-turn navigation will ensure that you never get lost on your way to your destination. Choose from a variety of map layouts, with the option to print your turn-by-turn navigation right to your computer!

Staying connected to updated traffic maps while traveling is supremely important,
helping you to avoid delays while giving access to the fastest turn-by-turn directions.
Whether you are on a new daily commute, weekend traveling, or vacationing in an
exciting new area, MyMapExpress™ will help you confidently, safely,
and quickly reach your destination.